Frequently Asked Questions

Questions regarding pony parties:

Where are your parties at?

We can either come to you or have your party at our farm.  We can give rides in your yard, driveway, sidewalks, or a non busy street.  We cannot walk the ponies on rocks, deep sand or steep slopes.

What age children can ride?

Even 1 year olds can have rides.  We ask that an adult walk alongside the very young children.

Our target age groups are usually 10 years of age and under.  We may restrict some weights on different ponies.

What if it rains?

We will come rain or shine.  However you may have the right to cancel due to rain without penalty if you give us a 2 hour notice.  We will cancel if there is lightning, dangerous winds or downpours.

What does it take to get set-up?

We only need to set out the stools and saddle the ponies.  Our goal is to arrive 10 minutes early to have the ponies saddled and ready to go and ensure that your party starts on time.

Do you have insurance?

Yes, we have a great insurance policy.  We will however send you a waiver for the parents to sign to help protect you and I from liabilities should any injuries occur.  Equine Helmets will be available for use.  There is always the issue of lice.  Parents can choose to have their children wear helmets of their own.  I have not experienced any serious injuries to children in all the years that I have been involved with pony parties.

What about cleanup?

We come with the necessary tools to remove any pony droppings.  However urine may leave a brown spot in your grass.

What about our dog?

Our ponies are ok with passive dogs.  However for the safety of Fido, you may want to restrain him.

Other answers to questions

Double riding is not allowed.

Wet clothing is not allowed on the saddles.


Questions regarding trail rides:

How old do children have to be to go on a trail ride?

Children must be 8 years or older to ride. This way their legs reach the stirrups, they can control their horse, and they can follow instructions given by the guide. Children under 8 are more than welcome to do a pony ride around the farm for $10.

How fast do we go on trail rides?

For the horses’ and riders’ safety, cantering or galloping is not allowed. You can however trot as much as you like based on how comfortable everyone is on their horse.

What should I wear if I’m going on a trail ride?

Riders should dress accordingly to the outdoors. Wear long pants, sneakers or boots. Wearing shorts or open-toed shoes is NOT recommended.

Is there a weight limit?

Yes, unfortunately we can not accommodate people over 200 pounds due to the size of our horses.

How far in advance should I book a trail ride?

You can book a trail ride a day or so in advance. That way you can be sure the weather will be appropriate for riding.